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BBC: Neocon Zionist Jews, Christians Behind Bush

Posted by Avi M on January 3, 2007

I finished watching this 45 minute documentary and felt it was worth sharing with readers. It seems to have been filmed during the first year or six months of the US led war in Iraq.

I found a few things interesting.

  1. According this video most Neo-Con’s were once political leftists. I had no idea that this was the case (or if it is the case) but I sure hope that’s not where I am headed!
  2. Also according to this video a high percentage of Jews are/were part on the Neo-Con movement behind the war in Iraq and Bush White House.
  3. Lastly looking back at this time period, its absolutely amazing just how wrong these Neo-Con’s seem to have gotten it.

Anyhow check it out and let me know what you think.




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Ima Wisdom “ Men are BIG babies”

Posted by Avi M on January 2, 2007

The other day I was talking to Ima about life, love and all of that when she decided to let me in on a little secret of hers and it was that I was lucky because Tamara was a really nice because she balanced me out in a great way. She then went on to inform me that I was not going to be a cake walk to live with so it was a good thing that Tamara was a strong person because its what I needed. Oh also that actually all me were, are and will always be big babies.

Note: I may or may not have taken artistic taken when writing the above.


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A Tale of Two Friends

Posted by Avi M on January 2, 2007

Over the last several days I’ve done some growing and learning in the old friendships department. And it has included a combination of the frightening, depressing and illuminating but before I get into what happened let me give you a bit of background information. Throughout most of my life I’ve been fairly needy and insecure in terms of my worthiness as a friend and companion and that being the case many awkward and unfortunate situations have arisen in terms of my various friendships. I won’t go off in to any cathartic diatribe here but suffice it to say that historically my limiting self-perceptions have made me vulnerable to other people’s mistreatment and more importantly has allowed me to sell myself short in all sorts of social settings. I don’t think I’m that person anymore but a shadow still lingers and on some level I always fear his return.

And with that on to my story.

Over the past year I’ve blogged about my conversion process and how it has impacted my life in various ways. Some of you may remember me posting about how I feel that some of my Buddhist friends have bailed on me, I’m guessing because of my rejection of Buddhism and conversion to Judaism. It is however completely possible that they see me as having bailed on them but I feel that I’ve made enough effort to maintain relationships that this should not be the case. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Beatles explain ‘ Tomorrow Never Knows’

Posted by Avi M on January 2, 2007

Although I’m not a huge fan of everything especially the earlier stuff the Beatles did, I do enjoy their later more psychedelic offerings. This track “Tomorrow Never Knows” is by far my favorite and so I thought I would share it with you.

Also here is an interesting discussion about the origins and technical aspects of the song.


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Photo Post: Fear of God

Posted by Avi M on January 1, 2007

This shot was taken in one of the Jewish districts of Los Angeles although I can’t remember which one at the moment. It was on the outside a of the rundown orthodox shul and struck me as something worth remembering.

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Wow we made it in to the Haveil Havalim # 100!

Posted by Avi M on January 1, 2007

I am  touched to read that Tamara and I were mentioned by the Bagel Blogger in the latest edition of the Haveil Havalim.

Here is the snippet.

Mazal Tov:
Seems someone received a surprise Chanukah present. [via: Life Of Rubin] Mazal Tov!!

Two JBloggers have become engaged in quite a romantic way. Read about it from Tamara and TikkunGer.

The Bagel put lost of effort in to this edition and it really does show so go and check it out!

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Happy New Year

Posted by Avi M on January 1, 2007

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

Be Well

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My Year in Review Post

Posted by Avi M on December 31, 2006

Well it’s 8:30 PM on December 31, 2006 and I’ve decided with it being the year end and all that it was the perfect time to do something of a “year in review” post. I can’t believe how much as happened in the last 365 days. I’m sure there’s growth and change that I’m not even aware of but the following are some of the highlights from this past year that do come to my mind.

I purchased my first digital camera and dove headfirst into the world of amateur digital photography. Although I still don’t really know what I’m doing I feel like I’ve come a long way and that I’ve managed to snap some pretty half decent pictures and so obviously this is one of my prouder accomplishments of the year.

This year I somehow managed to leave the left end of the sociopolitical spectrum now finding myself center-right on numerous issues. It’s been a frightening realization that I no longer fit into my long-held left-leaning belief system. The first inkling of my shift towards the center right was last March when I found myself in a position of supporting the conservative government here in Canada regarding Hamas. Then earlier this fall the death blow was dealt when I in a fit of frustration cut up my NDP membership card, signaling in an official way I suppose my leaving the left.

I started learning Hebrew with what I thought was a Hebrew tutor but ended up with my very own Ima instead. I’ve got to say that this is something really special to me because I didn’t expect it and it’s really blossomed into a beautiful friendship. My Ima is a very kind woman and has been a pivotal support during my conversion process and ongoing journey into Judaism. Thank you so much for being a part of my life Ima.

Also probably one of the biggest shockers of the year was my discovering the fact that I’ve grown a much more traditional orientation in terms of Jewish observance then I would’ve ever imagined possible. Rereading some of my earlier posts about Reform Judaism and my staunch defensiveness with regard to the validity of my conversion (as seen here and here) in contrast to my later leanings almost appear to be bipolar. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that’s a bad thing it’s just interesting to see how I’ve gone from defending the reform position on conversion to gently bashing it (just a little) in less than a year. I can’t take credit for all of this on my own I think being exposed to Tamara and her attitudes has certainly helped push me in this more traditional direction and I take some comfort in knowing that wherever the dust settles it will be somewhere we arrived together.

And of course last but not least this past year has seen me going from ” no I absolutely don’t want a girlfriend under any circumstances” to meeting a lovely woman in another country , then falling in love and getting engaged! Yup meeting Tamara is definitely hands-down the best and most important thing to happen to me this past year and probably in my life. Here are three interesting posts tracking our relationship over the year that I feel do a good job of summing things up OneTwoThree.

Anyhow as you can see its been a good year and for the first time in a long while I can honestly write that I am actually looking forward to what life brings my way in 2007.

So with that HAPPY NEW YEAR”S to you and yours!


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TikkunGer Goes Video & Talks Chanukah Loot

Posted by Avi M on December 31, 2006

This is several firsts for me!

  • My first time ever shooting video with my Digital Camera.
  • My first time uploading to Google Video.
  • And of course this year is my first time getting any Chanukah lute.



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She is off, off and away…

Posted by Avi M on December 31, 2006

Well at approximately 9:30 a.m. EST this morning I watched Tamara check her luggage and go through customs and as I type this she’s probably somewhere in American airspace nearing Philadelphia.

Update 12:48 PM : Tamara just called and she’s already landed in Philadelphia safe and sound.

All I can say is that the trip was way too short and flew by too quickly. However I do think we managed to cover a lot of ground in such a short period of time. Some of the highlights included our “getting engaged”, Tamara getting to meet my extended family and father for the first time ever and most importantly Tamara’s second time in real snow.

I already miss her immensely but I am also happy that she’s headed home because it means we’re going to begin the planning phase of my move not to mention the taking of our relationship to the next level. There is certainly much more to blog about however right now I am going to get a few errands done so that’s it for now.

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