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Ima wisdom is simply good wisdom

Posted by Avi M on July 28, 2006

I went out with my Ima (adopted) today, as she wanted to celebrate my birthday with me. Of course I was flattered that she wanted to do something and so we went to a nearby Starbucks located with in a Chapters bookstore.

The more time I spend with her the more I realize that she’s a really special lady and seems to be one of the few people who can get through to me. As I reflect on our conversation today, not to mention several other exchanges over the past few months I’ve come to the conclusion that she is what I would call “simply wise” and that’s an amazing quality. She strives to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible, which is something I don’t do. I’d say she is a simple person and I don’t mean that in an ignorant or stupid way but rather that by keeping things uncomplicated and clear she seems to exhume this simple wisdom, that is honest, straightforward, and most importantly kind.

I realize that our relationship is new in that it’s less than a year old and we don’t have the typical parent child history with all of the normally associated baggage and that’s probably one of the reasons why we connect so well. Regardless I know that it’s more than simply a lack of history, I think she’s just really good at handling me. Ima can actually point things out in a way that often short-circuits my defense mechanisms and allows me to look at things with fresh eyes. This seems more times than not to help me move past whatever obstacle I’m dealing with at the time.

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Canada Happy, USA Less Happy

Posted by Avi M on July 28, 2006

So it would seem that the land of the free is free to be less happy! I guess you can’t find happiness at Wal-Mart, in a cup of your favorite Starbucks brew, or at the bottom of a gap shopping bag.

What am I talking about you ask, let me tell you.

This morning I was reading the True Ancestor blog where David was pleasantly pontificating over America’s 23rd Place ranking in a recent study of national happiness across the globe. Canada on the other hand made it to 10th place which is good but far from our days in the #1 spot of the UN Human Development Index.

Anyhow I’m not going to pontificate on it I just thought it was cool and so I thought I would post it.

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34 not 31 & JEWish, this is Great!

Posted by Avi M on July 27, 2006

Well here we go headfirst into the world of audio blogging with my very first post. I have no idea how this is going to go over with those of you who read the blog. I certainly enjoyed the process of creating it and hope that I can do more stuff like this in the future.. I just feel like I can express myself a little bit better verbally than I can in written words, however some of you may disagree with that after listening (LOL).

Anyhow have a listen and I hope you enjoy.


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Who’s Your Daddy, Abraham?

Posted by Avi M on July 26, 2006

This is obviously completely unrelated to my last post (Kvetch) but was just too interesting not to share.

As I’m sure some of you can easily gather from my earlier post I’ve been in a pretty awful mood today and so I thought I’d go look for something uplifting to watch and this is what I found. I’m not sure how uplifting it is but I found it extremely interesting, it’s a lecturer about Abraham as seen through the lenses of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Abraham is often described as the common father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the three traditions that venerate his memory. Noted … all » Harvard Professor of Jewish Studies, Jon D. Levenson argues that Abraham both separates and links the surviving Abrahamic religious communities and does so in interesting ways. Series: “Humanitas” [Humanities]

I think it’s worth watching this but if the approximately 80 minute investments you may want to skip to the Q&A session at the end (about 65 minutes in). The Q&A is definitely worth checking out in fact the second last question is from a fiery young Muslim girl/woman who takes issue with one of the lecturer’s points.

Let me know what you think.

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Happy 34th asshole!

Posted by Avi M on July 26, 2006

Okay well I’ve now grown into the ripe old age of 34 which in of itself is no big deal, really! However yesterday was my birthday and it was fun but understated, it was just me and my mother out on a day trip. The day was gray and overcast for the most part and we got caught in rain a few times but that was actually fun. It was a full day, about six hours and we got a lot of fun things done. We visited a few small towns outside of Ottawa, had some lunch, and I snapped a crap load of pictures. The actual day was quite good and I’m not the least bit disappointed with it.

It was the few weeks leading up to my actual birthday and the crap that happened when I got home last night.

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Help My Yahoo is Broken

Posted by Avi M on July 22, 2006

Hey is anyone else not able to log in to Yahoo Messenger?

Just wondering..

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JewBu’s Redux

Posted by Avi M on July 22, 2006

Yesterday someone by the name of Karma commented on one of my older pre-conversion posts discussing the idea of a Jewish home and how that tied to my past involvement with Buddhism. I was going to simply write up a reply comment to her but decided this might be a post worthy exploration and so here we are.

Dear Karma

First off thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and for sharing your thoughts on my post. Reading your comments and then rereading my post I was struck by the feeling that you seemed to think I was debating something or possibly somehow challenging the general notion of being a Jewbu. I certainly wasn’t debating the issue within myself as that is one which has long been resolved. As for others being “Jewbu” it’s really not my place to judge and to be honest, there may be nothing wrong with it. I believe that if you had spent more time reading my blog you may have gotten a better sense of my own journey into Judaism and evolution out of Buddhism. And although I can’t say for sure something tells me you weren’t looking at this from the perspective of somebody who was working towards “joining the tribe” which is quite different than approaching the Jewbu question as a Jew by birth.

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Mussar Musings on Equanimity

Posted by Avi M on July 18, 2006

I have now finished working with my first Midda, (quality or character trait) which was equanimity. I basically dedicated 21 minutes a day to sit down and quietly contemplate and repeat the phrase associated with this slogan over and over again. I wouldn't necessarily call it a mantra like meditation but rather focused concentration on the meaning of this Midda. As I've mentioned in a previous post I sat comfortably on a meditation cushion and set up in front of me a small box with the slogan sitting on top of it as well as two candles lit, to help set the contemplative mood and keep me focused. I suppose if I understand things correctly the basic idea was to allow the meaning of this Midda to gently seep into my subconscious mind over the week. I really enjoyed this first week and knew early on that this sort of practice was going to be very beneficial to me. Here is the basic slogan.

Do not be distracted by things that are inconsequential Both bad and good For they are not worth disturbing your equanimity

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5 Canadians have died in Lebanon

Posted by Avi M on July 16, 2006

As a Canuck, this does drive things home for me.

The CBC just posted a breaking news story claiming that 5 Canadians have died in Lebanon as a result of Israeli Air strikes. I am deeply sadden by this and I pray that God guides all involved in this ever-escalating scenario, so that actions (seeking justice) are tempered with wisdom and compassion.

Although I understand why Israel needs to stand its ground on this issue, I hope and pray that Jews everywhere do not loose site of our responsibtly to perform acts Loving Kindness, even now in these frightening times. And that every blow Israel strikes against her aggressors is somehow rooted in and working towards the greater good and Tikkun Olam.
I guess that’s it.

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In light of the serious developments unfolding in Israel, a little humor to soften things.

Posted by Avi M on July 13, 2006

I understand that things are building to a critical point in the Holy Land so my thoughts and prayers go out to all who are involved. Let us all pray that wisdom and compassion arise in a way that balances the strong emotions permeating this situation.

And with that, something to lighten the mood.

I came across this reading the true ancestor’s blog and thought it was just too funny not to share. I won’t even bother describing it, just go and watch it you’ll laugh, and boys I’m sure you’ll all stopped playing with your balls and start thinking about making aliyah.

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