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TikkunGer Goes Video & Talks Chanukah Loot

Posted by Avi M on December 31, 2006

This is several firsts for me!

  • My first time ever shooting video with my Digital Camera.
  • My first time uploading to Google Video.
  • And of course this year is my first time getting any Chanukah lute.




4 Responses to “TikkunGer Goes Video & Talks Chanukah Loot”

  1. Chaviva said

    That’s some sweet loot 🙂 I love the aleph-bet … stickers are they? I’m at work so if there’s sound I didn’t hear it. The “To Be a Jew” book is pretty stellar (I own it, too!).

  2. you and your artistic zoom-ins 😉

  3. TikkunGer said

    What, you don’t like da zoom?

  4. on the contrary sir, i love da zoom. wish i knew how to utilize it myself.

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